What is a warm mount?

2023-06-14 12:06

While building a house it is important for it to be warm and tight, and the warmth to remain inside. Warming the building and providing materials with high thermal parameters is important. After purchasing energy-saving windows you should take care of the right assembly so that they fulfill their role. What is a warm assembly and what does it rely upon? 

What is a warm assembly?

Warm assembly – what does it protect the building from? 

Walls in new buildings are usually built from 2 or 3 layers, which consist of the building’s insulation layer. A correctly carried out assembly prevents the gathering of water in the wall’s insulation layers, which helps avoid the creation of mold and moisture inside the wall. Correct building insulation will protect it from the loss of heat and the formation of thermal bridges. 

What is a warm assembly?

Warm assembly is also commonly called a three-layer assembly. It is a durable and efficient sealing of places of window embedding in the frame. Three-layer window assembly allows to eliminate draught. Warm assembly cannot be done in buildings made from a solid wall. To the basic layer of insulation two other layers are added, which fulfill the following functions:  

  • vapor-permeable insulation – its goal is to protect the layer from weather conditions, it is the external layer 
  • vapor-proof insulation – it secures the polyurethane foam from moisture coming from rooms in the building, it is the internal layer

Correctly done warm assembly of window joinery will allow you to remain high thermal insulation parameters of the building and save up money related to heating the building. 

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