How to easily install frame mosquito nets on a window?

2023-07-05 11:07

The installation of mosquito nets is one of the simpler assembly tasks, however, due to the different systems it can be a bit confusing. Therefore, in this article we will describe to you step by step how to install a mosquito net onto your window.

How to easily install frame mosquito nets on a window?

What are the installation systems for mosquito nets?

There are two systems of installation of mosquito nets. The first is based on classical hooks screwed directly onto the mosquito net frame. The second system uses springs also fixed directly to the frame. The main difference lies in the method of direct mounting, which we will explain to you later.

How to install a mosquito net on a window?

In this section we will focus on the optional preparation of the window surface for the installation of the mosquito net and tell you how to easily position the product in the window frame.

Surface preparation

Start by preparing the surface. To do this, equip yourself with suitable, mild detergents such as dish liquid without lotion, a microfibre sponge, a microfibre cloth, two buckets of water, glass cleaner and paper towels (or a dedicated microfibre cloth for glass).

First, dilute a small amount of dishwashing liquid in one bucket of water. Mix thoroughly and dip your sponge in it. Start by cleaning the window frame from the outside. After wiping the surface, rinse the sponge thoroughly in a bucket of water without detergent. Once the sponge has been thoroughly rinsed, dip it into the bucket of detergent and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

Did you know that…

The so-called two bucket method is used in car detailing?

It reduces the risk of unwanted scratches on the car’s paint.

After thoroughly washing the outer frame surface, move on to cleaning the inner part. Dry the whole thing thoroughly with a microfibre cloth, then move on to cleaning the outside of the glass using dedicated detergents.

Mosquito net proper installation

After the optional cleaning of the whole window including its frame we can proceed to the installation of the mosquito net.

This process has to be done from the inside of the building and in both cases is very similar, the only thing that changes is the way in which we want to attach the mosquito net.

Mosquito net with hooks

To install a mosquito net fitted with hooks you need to loosen them slightly by loosening the screws holding the hooks in place gently so that you allow them to move slightly away from the mosquito net frame. I suggest you leave one hook only slightly loosened to help you with the installation.

Now take the mosquito net and place it in the window frame. Pressing it down with one hand, twist the hook towards the seal, as in the picture below.

How to easily install frame mosquito nets on a window?

If you have difficulties with the installation, remove the mosquito net, loosen the hook a little more and start again with the installation. If you have succeeded in doing so, you can start tightening the other hooks of the mosquito net, first adjusting them to the correct position. Remember not to overtighten. Otherwise you might damage the window seal or the mosquito net.

Mosquito net with springs

Mount the mosquito net equipped with springs in an even simpler way.

Take the mosquito net and place it directly in position.

Hold the product in place with one hand and with the other gently bend the spring clip and place its tip directly on the seal, as in the picture below.

Check if the installation of the mosquito net is correct

After installing the mosquito net, check whether everything works. Amongst other things, pay attention to any holes on the edges of the mosquito net, that all hooks or catches are correctly positioned and that the window closes without any problems. If everything is fine, just tidy up and you can enjoy your new mosquito nets.

Would you like to create your own mosquito net configuration? 

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