Learn about the advantages of anti-smog nets

2023-06-21 13:06

Air pollution is a serious problem in the whole world. High concentration of dust that is in the air increases the risk of diseases i.e. of the respiratory system. What are the advantages of anti-smog nets and are they worth installing in windows?

Learn about the advantages of anti-smog nets

Anti-smog nets are a solution which protects from air pollution, stopping the dust and other harmful substances. The nets are mounted on the windows, they are capable of letting in the air blocking harmful dust and pollution, e.g. smog. Installing a net is an investment which can bring many advantages. 

Solution for allergy sufferers

A net which blocks pollution will be a great solution for people who struggle with allergies to different types of pollen. In the allergic season an anti-smog net will be an option for allergy sufferers, it will significantly reduce the permeating of polluted air, including allergens. 

All-year protection 

The nets are made of nanofiber, which prevent the permeating of damaging molecules into the respiratory system and into the house. In winter they will fulfill the filtering role, when smog is present outside the window, and in the summer they will be a barrier for insects. The solution doesn’t allow disassembly in the winter period, that is why it often becomes an alternative for air purifiers, which cause noise. 

Better breathing

Installing a net in the window has an impact on the improvement of breathing quality. The net will work well in houses where not only allergy sufferers, but also children live. A barrier which the net creates for pollution from the outside allows maintaining better quality of air inside the house. 

Solution for a few years

An anti-smog net should be replaced every 2 years for it to fully retain its filtering properties, in places with strong air pollution replacing the net each year is recommended. 

Anti-smog net has many advantages, that is why its installation in the house is worth considering. The assembly of the net is an investment not only in protection against smog, but also in protection of your own and your household members’ health. 

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