What are mosquito nets and how do they work?

2023-05-31 13:05

The upcoming spring period is the time when our windows are opened more and more often to ventilate the room and let fresh air inside. Unfortunately, the warm season is also an increased activity of insects that get inside and make it difficult for us to function. How to protect your home from insects? What are mosquito nets and why should you install them in your windows?

What are mosquito nets and how do they work?

Mosquito nets – insect protection

Mosquito nets’ purpose is to protect against mosquitoes and other insects. They are used in windows, doors and sliding doors, they are a mechanical barrier against insects. Mosquito nets prevent insects from getting inside the building. They are made of a mesh with tiny holes, which makes it difficult for even the smallest insects to enter. Their simple installation and low investment cost make them a very simple solution to protect interiors against insects.

Perfect for insects

The availability of several options of mosquito nets, different models and investment costs mean that everyone will choose the right product for themselves. Sliding, frame and door mosquito nets – they will work in any interior and provide functionality for the whole family.

The choice of several types of nets, from anti-smog to anti-allergic, means that the product not only protects against insects, but also against allergens and pollen floating outside.

Sliding, frameā€¦

Frame mosquito nets will work if you care about easy and quick installation. This type of mosquito nets is very popular if you do not want to install mosquito nets permanently.

The sliding mosquito net is a very practical solution, especially in the case of doors and windows that are often opened. This type of mosquito nets will work well in balcony doors and windows.

Door mosquito nets do not limit the functionality of e.g. a terrace, they do not require disassembly, so they will work well in rooms connected for e.g. with a terrace.

A wide range of mosquito nets can be found in our free configurator. Protect yourself against insects in the summer and configure a mosquito net now.

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