How to take care of a garage door? 

2023-05-17 11:05

Each type of garage door requires regular conservation and inspections. Lack of adequate maintenance can influence the operation of the garage door, especially in winter and degrade its durability or cause serious damage. In this article you will find tips on how to maintain garage doors. 

How to take care of a garage door?

Regular cleaning

Cleaning of the garage door should be carried out before the winter period, before the cold comes. You can use a cloth or a flat mop. Don’t use pressure washers that can damage the garage door. Using strong detergents is not recommended because of the risk of discoloration. During cleaning also pay attention to the guide rails, in which a lot of dust is accumulated. 

Look after the gaskets

Garage doors are equipped with gaskets, which also require conservation. The role of gaskets is the prevention of water getting inside the garage. The condition of the gaskets should be controlled and in case of damage the gaskets should be replaced. All movable elements should be smeared with a specially designated grease twice a year. Thanks to that the garage door won’t jam during opening and closing. 

Technical inspection 

Garage doors depend upon regular inspections carried out by a professional, which will check the technical condition of the garage door. In case of damages or any malfunctions a fixation should be planned and conducted, thanks to that you will avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Regular conservation of the garage door will help you avoid expensive and serious repairs. Additionally you will take care of the visual aspect of the garage door, which is also important. 

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