What is insulated glass? 

2023-06-07 10:06

Glass is one of the most important elements of the window, thanks to it natural light gets inside the room. Insulated glass has been a popular solution lately – if increasing energetical effectiveness, reducing noise and improvement of safety are important for you. Integrated glass is also called glazing units. In this article we will present what is an integrated glass, what are its types and what use does it have. 

insulated glass

Insulated glass – characteristics

Integrated glass is glass consisting of a minimum of two glass sheets, which are divided with a distancing frame. Space between the glass is usually filled with argon, which is a gas with low thermal conductivity. Integrated glass efficiently prevents the heat from votalizing from the interiors. They are also appreciated for their acoustic values, that is why they will be perfect in places, where reducing noises from outside is important. 

Types of insulated glass

There are a few types of insulated glass, they differ from each other in: 

– number of glass layers 

– glass thickness 

– type of filling (argon or krypton).

A standard type is a two-glass unit, which consists of two glass sheets and a distancing frame that merges them. 

Three-glass units are most commonly selected when it comes to windows in standard projects of buildings. In this unit two sheets are covered with low-emission coats, which ensure energy saving thanks to the use of thermal insulation. Three-glass units can also be used in big-format windows without worries about the cold. 

Four-glass unit is a three-chamber fusion with the biggest possible thermal parameters. Three glass sheets are covered with low-emission coats, they are filled with argon or krypton. 

It is worth remembering that an additional glazing unit means extra load, which requires adequate construction support of the frame and window sash. 

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