How to clean and take care of a mosquito net?

2023-05-24 12:05

Mosquito net is an important element when it comes to protection against mosquitos and other insects. Installing the right net i.e. an anti-allergic one will make the mosquito screen gain an additional function, which is security against pollens and allergens. How to maintain a mosquito net so that it serves us for a long time? How to clean a mosquito net?

How to clean and take care of a mosquito net

How to clean and take care of a mosquito net?

Consistency is key 

A mosquito net should be regularly cleaned. Periodic cleaning significantly impacts the durability of the mosquito net and extends its service life. Cleaning will allow us to get rid of dust and other pollution. 

Pay attention to the cleaning product

To clean the mosquito net use light detergents, which won’t damage the net and the frame. Don’t use strong detergents and solvents because they can harm the material – the net. 

Store in a dry place 

After washing, the mosquito net has to be carefully dried and in winter time kept in a dry place. Storing in a wet place can expose the product to mold and moisture. Make sure that the place where the mosquito net is kept doesn’t jeopardize it to damages. 

Take care of proper assembly

The right assembly is important so that the product is functional and durable. The mosquito net should be carefully mounted, so that the full construction is stable. 

Cleaning the mosquito net 

  • use clean water – warm, but not hot 
  • use a soft cleaning cloth 
  • don’t use strong washing products and detergents 
  • while cleaning don’t press on the surface too strongly 
  • rinse the product with cold, clean water after cleaning 

Cleaning the mosquito nets is important in order to keep them well-maintained and ensure maximum protection against insects in the summertime. 

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